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Charter of principles - Movement for São Paulo's Independence



The Movement for São Paulo’s Independence (Movimento São Paulo Independente–MSPI) is a private law association, legally constituted, which aims at promoting social actions for the State of São Paulo and its people, aimingatthe defense of the São Paulo’s people (Paulista people) interests, the promotion of debates, free research, and eventsabout the role of São Paulo inside the Brazilian federation, as well as raising the awareness of São Paulo’s people as members of a true and rightful nation, the PAULISTA NATION, promoting also its right to self-determination, towards its sovereignty.

1. We believe in the self-determination of the peoples, proclaiming it since antiquity asa largely legitimate principle, and in modernity established in the resolution 1514 –UN’s XV, which clearly states: “All peoples have the right toself-determination”. Our position is of solidarity and fraternity with all the nations subjugated and oppressed by the lack of freedom. We are still based on the International Covenant on Economical, Social andCultural Rights, which in the article 1ststates: “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”.

2. Our movement seeks and privileges our activists’ works and merits. Those who work for MSPI, eagerly and with abnegation, deserve to have their work recognized with the respect of our associates. The role of the associate is not being only a sympathizer of the cause, but being an integral militant, real and consistent, inside his or her individual possibilities.

3. The decisionstaken onthe course of this movement should always remark the principles of democracy and citizenship, as well as aiming the good of the internal and institutionalworks of MSPI, according to its order andnecessary hierarchy. Our associates should always opine and question freely, in order to maintain a constant auto-critique of the movement.Since we seek to apply democracy inside MSPI, we should never be contradictory and preach another regime forSão Paulo: we advocate a harmonic democracy, which approaches the citizen directly to the political decisions centersregardinghim/her.

4. We are a strictly extra-party movement. People of several political groups are welcome to join our movement if they agree with our principles and basic norms. The MSPI must serve only to the highest interests of SÃO PAULO’S PEOPLE!

5. The principles of political autonomy, and of personal freedom and responsibility, are the fundamental principles for beginning the course of the Paulista society’s reform, as well as the principle present in our third point, that is the appreciation of the individual merits, in favor of him/herself and of the Paulista collectivity. We are defenders of the decentralization of power, valuing the municipal power, the real and full participation of the citizen as a watchful and engaged participant in the administrative constituted powers.

6. We defend the Paulista People identity. The maintenance and the upholding of the traditional cultural identity of São Paulo are the cohesion weapons among us, and, therefore, should be our ideal guides on the way to the Paulista Nation. For what is a folk with material possessions but no soul?

7. We strongly affirm the Idea of cultural diversity. But we emphasize, notwithstanding, that the cause of cultural diversity is distinct from the ideological use that is made fromthe idea of multiculturalism, mostly in the form it takes when directed as a tool precisely contrary to cultural diversity, preaching a decharacterization of traditions in the name of a standardizing equality, approved by the avatars of the “politically correct”. Actually, the goal of those who adopt such postures is to destroy the ties of men with their folk tradition (social, cultural, spiritual, political and economical), creating a global uniform culture. What we uphold, once again, is the CONSERVATION and DIFFUSION of the São Paulo’s people tradition.

8. The Paulista spirit is of a civilizational entrepreneurship, represented by the free economical initiative and by our vital force of work, combined with the civilizationalbases inherited from our Iberian forefathers. This entrepreneurship always sought the greater social achievement and the development of the Paulista Nation.

9. We believe in the principles of freedom of speech and press. São Paulo should abide these freedoms. The totalitarian regimes of the 20thcentury left evident, to the eyes of history, the social losses from the suppression of many civil freedoms. Such suppression should never happen in São Paulo.

10. We firm commitment to the current juridical order in the Brazilian Federal Republic. We preach possible solutions inside and with the law, for the real transformation of the social problems that MSPI is pointing through its work. If there are laws that we oppose, our principles obligate us to comply with them, without losses to our goals, through the public pressure and of the civil organized society, to achieve possible legal changes. Laws are made to have an eternal validity, but the organized citizens may force change to any norm or entrenched clause. The historical action cannot be stopped!

11. We support and sympathize with the institutions that, historically, are the result of the good working and social order of São Paulo. Be these institutions of cultural, educational, historical, governmental, economical and other characters, public or private.

12. We have as basic precept the non discrimination of the individual, be it by faith, ethnicity, sex or social condition.

13. We defend those that are socially vulnerable, such as the elderly, the physically handicapped, the children, the orphans and others. We are also defenders of the traditional family principles, as the sustentation base of a firmly structured and healthy society.

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